Our developmental pipeline seeks to address the current clinical translational bottlenecks, namely inefficient systemic cargo delivery and profound toxic side effects. Thus, we will develop high value gene-specific medicines that can either turn up OR turn down targeted genes that can improve the quality of life with rare diseases, metabolic disease and age-related diseases.

Sutura Therapeutics is currently focussed on addressing all the pathological drivers impacting upon Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Leadership at Sutura

Meet our Leadership Team of highly experienced industry experts, dedicated to the development of innovative therapeutics.

Brian Whittle, Chairman

Dr Brian A Whittle has over forty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and is a specialist in the development of plant-based medicines. He was co-founder and Scientific Director of GW Pharmaceuticals until retirement in 2008, Co-founder and Chief Executive of a company which later became Phytopharm plc and Chief Scientific Officer from 1994 to1998. He was previously Managing Director of Research Consultants (International) Limited, a subsidiary of Ethical Holdings plc.

From 1981 to date, he founded and directs Brian Whittle Associates Limited, a pharmaceutical development consultancy. Earlier he was Director of Regulatory Affairs and Health Registration for Wyeth Europa Limited, Head of Pharmacology and Director of Licensing at Reckitt and Colman plc, Scientific Officer and Head of the Central Nervous Systems Unit at ICI Pharmaceuticals Limited. Prior to that Brian was a lecturer in pharmacology at Sunderland University, a pharmacist at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, and Research Assistant at London Hospital Medical College.

Brian is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, awarded for distinction in the practice of pharmacy, Fellow of the Linnaean Society and a former member of the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs. He was awarded a B Pharm degree from the University of Nottingham in 1954, an MSc by the University of London in 1957 and a PhD also by the University of London in 1964.

Currently, he is Founder and Executive Chairman of Nutraceuticals Ltd and acts as a consultant to several pharmaceutical companies.

Brian Whittle, Chairman

Keith Foster, CSO

Dr. Foster is a translational biologist with over 20 years’ experience in developing gene, cell and pharmaceutical medicines for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and metabolic diseases. He is currently an Associate Professor in Translational Medicine at the University of Reading and runs a state of the art research laboratory at the University of Reading that is able to facilitate medicine development and subsequent analyses in pre-clinical disease models. Dr. Foster is the inventor of a technology to enhance the in vivo delivery of antisense oligonucleotides to target tissues such as muscle, heart and brain.

Dr. Foster is part of a number of networks of excellence; acts on the scientific editorial board of numerous scientific journals; acts as an expert reviewer for grant applications and supports a number of scientific advisory boards for medical research charites.

Keith Foster, CSO

Marcus Malkmus, Director

Marcus co-founded Hestia Investments Ltd. with Kathrin Kortschak in 2012 and has been its director since.

Hestia's focus is on providing seed and early-stage funding to exciting life science ventures. To date Hestia has invested in several start-ups in areas as diverse as oncology, opthamology, cardiology, regenerative medicine and nutritional supplements both as lead and as co-investor.

Prior to that Marcus co-founded FimpactT AG, a Swiss-based Cleantech, material sciences and biotechnology advisory company. FimpactT's uniqueness stemmed from its hands-on consulting approach with an emphasis on execution and mediation.

Previously, Marcus founded CDoerneman Gmbh, a technical and graphics software company subsequently sold to Berliner Elektro. Marcus has degrees in mathematics, economics, computer science and neuroscience from Braunschweig University and University College London.

Marcus Malkmus, Director

Kathrin Kortschak, Director

Kathrin has been a director and co-founder of Hestia Investments Ltd. since 2012.

Before joining Hestia Investments, Kathrin started work as an intern at FimpactT in 2006, followed by different positions at FimpactT AG until becoming partner there in late 2010. During that period she build extensive commercial and development expertise in battery chemistry, photovoltaic technologies and electric motors. She also learnt to perform technology due diligence for biotechnology investments.

In 2007 Kathrin worked as an intern at the Austrian Embassy in Algiers, Algeria. Her duties included interpretation and event management. Kathrin has a BA in History and French from Oxford University.

Kathrin Kortschak, Director

Our Investors

Our Investors provide the specialist knowledge and expertise to support and guide our crucial research and development.

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Brian Whittle Associates Ltd (BWAL) is pharmaceutical development consultancy. This consultancy was based on four principal areas of expertise:

  • Formulation and Development of new Pharmaceutical products for clients.
  • Preparation of Registration Documentation, and negotiation of applications with Regulatory Authorities, including management of Hearings, and Appeals.
  • Intercompany licensing of products.
  • High Court work (patent procedure).

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Hestia Investments Ltd. is a Monaco based holding company specialised in seed and early stage investments in biotechnology and cleantech.

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Harrison's Fund has one goal.

To get as much money as possible into the hands of the world's best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne.

It sounds like a horrible disease. And it is. Which is why we want to eradicate it.

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